Thursday, June 28, 2012

To My Tooth Fairy

Good morning and happy Thursday!!! 

I have today a super cute card using the Tooth Notes set. 

I just LOVE this set!! You can create so many cute projects!!

I teach high school kids, so some of my ideas wouldn't work... but, I can totally see elementary teachers using them in their classes! 

I don't remember ever getting money for my teeth when I was little. My mom and dad never did it. I don't know if its a culture thing..... maybe.....

Thank You so much for visiting!!!

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Kim Ricketts said...

Very cute Abby!!!


Migdalia said...

LOL...OMG!!!Too Cute!!

Heather Lynn said...

totally adorable card!!! wow! :)

Cricut Critter said...

I agree it must be a culture think because I never got any money either... they just said "se los llevo el ratoncito" and that's it. My mom did get a pair of earings made with our baby teeth... kinda creepy but she has them!

Crystal said...

Great card Abby!

Kate said...

So Adorable. Love it.


Ashley Nicole said...

This is so cute! Just love the bow!