Friday, September 19, 2014

Arrrgghhh Mini Pirate Blog Hop

Ahoy and Avast for our Talk Like a Pirate Mini Blog hop!

Me name be Almost Blind Rachel.
Make sure you sign the itinerary (comment) with your Official Pirate name for a chance to win a $10 Jaded Blossom Gift Certificate

Ye are welcome, if you dare, to join our Talk Like A Pirate Mini Hop.
There best be 'no fooling around here, or ye will be forced to walk the plank!

Now  ye don't want to miss any stops along the way, saavy?
Make sure you started with Candace and follow The CODE of the pirates below
(shiver me timbers, don't be talking about "the code")
Pirates follow it but don't talk 'bout it...

The Code
1- Follow each of the blogs on this mini hop --there be 9 in total mate!
2- Leave a comment on each of the blogs in the hop - watch yer bones about ya, if you cant say something nice, we will make ya walk the plank!
3- Submit your form to receive your free files -- if ye don't follow the screen prompts, don't be a scalleywag and say ye never got your files.  
Real Pirates follow the rules and abide by The Code at all times...
 only bilge rats try to steal!
**Terms and Conditions apply, so fill out ye form and be patient will ya?
Lets all be smartly about the hop and have a beauty of a time!

Aye Aye and now for the projects!!

I made a card with Davy Jones! 

The map and X are from SVG Cutting Files "Pirate Life". I just enlarged it large enough for the mat.

I used Jaded Blossom's Card Mat Dies and Pirate Booty stamp set.

Thanks so much for hopping! Click BELOW to request your treasure!

Got ye self lost eh?
Take a look at this here line up then....
Candace (Swabbin' Marcy Cutler)
Annie ( Disembowlin' Gertude Grimm)
Gwen (Cap'n Julia Slashface)
Crystal (Hobblin' Velma Dawkins)
Gigi (Pirate Alena the Sword Test Dummy)
Mel (Cap'n Aurora Graybeard)
Barb (Pirate Darby the Pale)
Michelle (Pirate Mary the Back-Stabber)
Jaded  Blossom (Almost Blind Rachel)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Halloween Matchbook Treats and Tutorial

Hello everyone! This is GiGi from The Cricut Bug and I am sharing some fun Halloween treats along with a short tutorial. These are super easy to make using the Jaded Blossom Dies and they would be so cool to hand out to kids.

I kept the design simple so you can whip these up in no time. You can also change up the colors and add any kind of candy packets you wanted such as M&M's or Reeces Pieces. I chose to work with Skittles.

Cut black cardstock at 3 X 7 1/2 inches
Score at 3 inches and 6 1/2 inches
Place your candy in the cover tucking it under the 1 inch flap. Then you will staple the flap closed catching the candy wrapper in between. Make sure to staple towards the bottom so you are able to tuck your flap in, but also make sure it's high enough so your mat piece covers the staple.

Now you are going to cut your mat pieces and add the decorations.
This turned out to be the PERFECT size to use with the Card Mat Dies.

Cut white with Card Mat Die
Cut second mat at 2 1/2 X 2 1/2 inches. 
(I wanted the stitching from the Card Mat Die to show, so I cut mine slightly smaller than the 2 1/2)
For flap cut a 3/4 X 2 3/4 inch

Next I cut out the spiders and webs using the Halloween Dies and glued them on.
The sentiment mat was cut using the Mini Tag Dies 2 and it was matted in black with a
3/4 X 2 3/4 inch piece of black. The sentiment is stamped from the Halloween Candy Wraps.
To finish, I added a punched web to the inside of the cover. I glued it to the candy wrapper (this way it will fit under the flap) placing it under the flap.

And there you have it!
I hope you all liked my project and have inspired you to try  these for yourself!
Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

You're in my Club!

Hey Everyone!

Jamie here to share a card I made with this Month's Spotlight Set... Game Night!

I used a few of the Card Mat Dies to create this card, along with a sentiment and candies stamp from Game Night!

I took some real playing cards that I bought from the dollar store and cut them with the smaller square Card Mat Die to make the "hand".  Then I used a candies stamp to look like a card hand holder.

Jaded Blossom- Game Night, Card Mat Dies

Thanks for stopping!