Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Funny Mail ~ Smash Book

Hey everyone!!! Raven here from Love4Stamps and I am super excited to share a project with you today...

Okay so you know how Smash books are all the rage these days? Okay maybe that's just me but they are pretty awesome. I actually just recently bought one. I LOVE the concept behind them and I wanted the kids to have something similar for our trip to Vegas this week. 

Here let me show you the cover and then I'll fill you in on what I did. 

Okay so you know when you get a pack or set of 12x12 pattern paper? Well it normally comes with one sheet of this thicker cardboard right? Yeah it does, you'll have to just trust me on this one. So what I did was I took it and cut it into 4 6x6 pieces. Yeah super original I know ;) I took the two pieces and painted on the front using white acrylic paint. Actually I kinda let the kids do this part. (Family projects and all) Then I found some fun chip board that wasnt being used and plastered that on there. Next up and the perfect finishing touch IMO is the beautiful Lips from the Funny Mail set! I think this is my most loved set. ;)

Then I used paper from my stash. Since I wanted this to be asexual I had to add both masculine and feminine colors so I just cut what I had into 6x6 squares. Most of the scraps ended up being 3x6 those were added as well. And then I also found some envelopes (mostly the ones that come in the mail with BILLS) and added those. 

Since I'm new to the whole bind-it-all thing (and I was trying to be cheap) I only punched 6 holes. Totally regret that now because it will only stand like this. Note to self (or anyone else who just got the bia) make more holes! 

But I truly believe that those lips make is just perfect!!! Thanks yall so much for stopping by. I hope you are all having a great week! ;)


angie ashuk said...

Very cute!!! I so wish I had a binding tool. I made my feb. vegas book out of paper bags! I love the lips stamp.

Stefani said...

Super cute! Makes me want to get hopping on mine!

Rhonda Miller said...

What a great idea. TFS.

Kate said...

Cute and what a great idea of upcycling.


Carol W. said...

Great upcycling and project

Jamie said...

So cute! Love the lips!