Thursday, February 29, 2024

With Love and Remembrance

 Hello, crafty friends! Cynthia here sharing this simple card using a stencil and a sentiment stamp. I create a myriad of happy, fun cards but did not have any cards that provided sympathy and comfort during difficult times. I made a few sympathy cards using the assembly line method to have on hand. Stencils add great background coverage and a sweet sentiment finishes the card.

I trimmed a few card fronts in 4x5.25 size then stenciled each one. I chose the Vine stencil due to it's simplicity and the ability to cover most of the background.  I colored the leaves in browns and greens and added a pop of pink ink to some of the petals. I used my stamp positioner to ensure that placement of the heartfelt sentiment was the same in all the cards.

I chose a kraft card base to frame the elegant card, stamped the back with my signature and the card is done and ready to give away to loved ones.

Thanks for stopping by!

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