Friday, March 1, 2013

Exciting News !!!!!

So is everyone EXCITED about the upcoming release Next Friday ???

Remember sneaks start on Monday March 4th !!!
with the Release and Hop on Friday March 8 at 4 pm PST!!

You suggest and we deliver!! We can take a hint. We've had MULTIPLE customers mention to us to bill them for the entire release and that its TORTURE to make them wait until Friday. That being said, we thought we would try something NEW this release.....

For those of you who CANT WAIT we are offering a

Yes, we will let you buy the ENTIRE release on MONDAY !!! However you will only "see" what is revealed on Monday before you purchase. 

NO PREORDERS! NO BACKORDERS! No waiting WEEKS for your stamps. 

You won't be able to see the rest of the package (until the stamps are revealed daily) but we WILL tell you how many and what size of products you will be getting....

I'm SURE when you preview some of the release on Monday you will be hooked!

Don't worry we will not disappoint !!

If you order this on MONDAY we will ship them out TUESDAY morning!

Which means while Everyone else is ordering on Release day you may already have them in your hot little hand and crafting !!!!

The only catch is you CAN NOT under ANY circumstance post photos of them BEFORE March 8, on your blog, FB, etc .....

GOTTA HAVE IT NOW RELEASE PACKAGE is only available to purchase Monday through Wednesday. After Wednesday you must wait until release day (Friday 4pm PST)

(this offer is for customers purchasing the ENTIRE package, if you wish to Ala Carte you must wait until release day at 4pm PST)


Crafting on Caffeine said...

will there be an extra discount for ordering on monday?

Dottie =) said...

This is so awesome!! Can't wait :)

Anonymous said...

ENABLERS!!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!