Sunday, January 1, 2012

News and Meet the Design Team!

Happy New Year!! 

Who's ready for 2012? Jaded Blossom is! We have tons of exciting and NEW things coming your way! Our "Official Launch" will be on January 13th. We are doing a Stamp Release blog hop at 5 pm PST.

In the mean time, our WONDERFUL designers will have some sneaks posted right here so make sure to keep checking the blog often. Lets meet this Design Team!

Hi Everyone!! This is Candace from and Michelle and I are so excited that we have teamed up and created this business. Anyone who knows me or Michelle knows that we LOVE creating party favors and little gifts. So of course we had to come up with a business that caters to that. So alittle about me.. I'm married with no kids but I have two kitties. I do work full time as an Underwriter for an Insurance Company (boring I know!). When I'm not crafting I love to bake and travel. Hubby and I are going to Hawaii in April, so excited! I love my cricut and my cuttlebug but may have to get a Cameo this year after I see all the wonderful things Michelle makes with it. If I had some free time I would love to learn how to Sew or Knit/Crochet. :)

Hi Everyone !!! Im so excited to have started this company Jaded Blossom with Candace and I hope you love all our products and ideas as much as us!!! Im Michelle from . I also have a facebook page under the same name.
Ive been married for 11 years and have 2 sweet girls. I love to papercraft, organize and decorate. I was retired from my career several years ago so now Im a full time mom and crafter ! Watching QVC several years ago I saw the Cricut machine debut and instantly knew I had to have it, and well that was it. I was hooked !!! I have sooo many favorite crafting items, I just cant have enough!!! lol 

Hey...How you doin'? lol Kidding totally kidding. My name is Raven and no my parents were not hippies. ;) I am super dooper excited to be a part of this fabulous new company. I am anxiously awaiting to see what these awesome girls come up with next. I have a small space that I call my own in blog land called If you've had a chance to go over there you'll see I have a really deep love for all things 50's. I think I was born in the wrong era! I have four AMAZING kids and the best hubers in the world. Although I think most husbands to crafty women are pretty special; or they just really value their quiet sports time alone! ;) The hubers and I have a few companies that I get to help with but he does all the "fun" stuff so I'm left with a lot of crafting/mommy time that I love. I also enjoy making svg's and doing web designing for fun of course! My favorite crafting tool is my eCraft right now but I'm also obsessed with all thing stamp related. I LOVE stamps! Hobbies...I've been banned from starting new crafts! I LOVE all things craft related. I love to sew, crochet, knit, draw, sculpt rubber stamps, color, and alter things. I just LOVE crafts lol. Yeah obsessed much! I think thats it...I love meeting new friends so please stop by and say hey!!! ;)

Hi there! My name is Kim from Ricketts Cricuts! My blog is and my facebook link is! I hope you come by and say Hi soon! I am happily married to my best friend for 5 years now. We have two four legged German Shorthair Pointers that we treat like our children. They are super spoiled! I teach full day Kindergarten to students who know little to no English Language. My favorite crafting tool has to be my Cricut and Gypsy! I love the endless possibilities that it allows me! When I am not teaching or crafting, I am spending time with my Hubby and girls, reading books, chatting on facebook or talking on the phone. 

Hi Everybody!
My name is Jenny, and I'm a craft-a-holic! I share my crazy creations on my blog at I've also got to meet a ton of people through Facebook (you can find me under Crazyabout Cricut), which has been so amazingly fun! I'm a married mommy of 4 wacky, awsome kids that I'm lucky enough to get to stay home and take care of. If you've seen my blog header, you know how important they are to me. My husband is too (since he works hard so I can stay home), but he didn't want to be on my blog, lol! As you can see from my name, my favorite crafty tool is my Cricut. I have always loved the way my Cricut has allowed me to use paper more than just on a page. Stamps are a close second, and I'm luvin' the way they help take my Cricut cuts to the next level. I am passionate (both about my crafting and crafting supplies!!), and I like to think outside the box. When I invest money into my supplies, I like to see how I can get the most out of them. And with 4 kids, it seems like there's always a birthday or something to celebrate so I've definitely learned how to stretch that precious crafty dollar!! If I'm not crafting, then I'm sleeping.........just kidding! I LOOOVE to read, listen to music, or draw. The more crafty friends the better, so please come say hi on my blog or Facebook!! I can't even say how excited I am to be working with Michelle, Candace, and these other jaw droppingly talented ladies :O) 

Hi there! My name is Ruthie! I’m the girl who… is obsessed with all things creative, super shy until I get to know you, addicted to making lists… I have at least 5 going at any given time and they refer back and forth to each other. I am obsessed with vintage linens, dishes, and anything else that came from, or can be used in the kitchen. My 1st loves are fabric & design, but paper holds a very close third. I officially started scrapbooking the “acid free” way, 19 years ago. It didn’t take to long until I found paper crafts and card making too. Almost three years ago now, I started my blog,, and started posting crafty video tutorials on YouTube. A little over a year ago I jumped on the cutting machine bandwagon and purchased my 1st of three machines. I use them on a daily basis and can’t imagine life without them. 
I live in southern, CA in a small pink house, with my three fur babies. I own and operate my own Interior Design business and during the school year, I am also lucky enough to get to spend my days with my 19 month old nephew. 
I am really excited and honored that Candace & Michelle asked me to be a part of the Jaded Blossom team!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Welcome Ladies to the Jaded Blossom Design Team!! Don't forget to check back here starting Tuesday for Kim's first Design Team post AND SNEAK PEAK!

~Candace and Michelle


Michelle said...

yippy !!! thanks ladies for starting this fun new venture with us !!!

Kim Ricketts said...

Thanks for having me on the DT!! It will be a fun time!! So happy for you Michelle and Candace!!

Gloria said...

Congrats to all and happy new years:)

Crystal said...

What a super creative line-up of ladies!!! :0) can't wait to see everything you girls come up with.

Madison said...

Great DT! You can't help but be successful:) Can't wait to see the sneak peaks:) Madison will be home just in time to look with me!!

Janeen said...

Wow! What a great group of very talented ladies! Congrats everyone! Anxiously waiting to see what wonderful projects and products are coming our way! Happy New Year! :)

Rosie said...

congrats everyone!!!!!!! follow just about everyone on here. lots of talent

Katie O'Mary said...

Super excited to meet the design team :) Can't wait to see what you've created.

Simply Sandy said...

Awesome! Congrats! Can't wait to see what you create.....

Sharman said...

Congrat's on your new venture. I hope it is everything that wanted. We will will waiting for the release with great anticipation......

Debbie said...

awesome team I see here wow so excited for all of you cause I love all of you and follow everyone of you here as well thanks for putting such a awesome DT together hugs to all of you

Lori Comeau said...

Good Morning,
Thanks so much for the invite to the blog hop. I look forward to hoppin along.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the DT! They are all wonderful and talented gals!!! Can't wait to see all they do with your awesome stamps!