Tuesday, September 14, 2021

October Monthly Rolodex

Marcia on the Jaded Blossom blog today with a monthly Rolodex divider card for October. I die cut the solid pumpkin and top layers from a beautiful orange cardstock in my stash. To add more dimension, I cut two additional layers from scrap cardboard packaging (think cereal boxes) and stacked beneath the top orange layer. I considered making the card a shaker but liked it without. I reserved one of the cardboard stems for the pumpkin and added a leaf and vine. The month word "october" was also cut from cardboard, adding two additional die cut layers to the very end of the word (lower loop of the "b" and "er") so that the month would have stability with the rest of the word supported by the pumpkin. (Does that make sense?) I very lightly inked the top of the word before adhering to the Rolodex card. The leaf paper was from my stash and rather light-weight so I backed it with a die cut piece of cardboard as well. Let me tell you, this Rolodex card is sturdy!

Supplies used:
Rolodex Dies
Fancy Pumpkin Die
Month Word Dies

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Denise Bryant said...

I love this! I'm going to have to try some Rolodex cards! Love the pumpkin!